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Property Value
Colour temperature (primary light source) 0 K
Max. power Voltage 0 V
Input Voltage (power supply) AC, DC CV, DC CC
Colour rendering index CRI 0
Light type NW-Neutral White, RGBA, Y, BIO, B, SWW-Super Warm white, DW-Daylight White, R, RGB, RGBW, A, CW-Cold White, WW-Warm White, SBW-Sky Blue White, G, UV, V, Grow, Purple, Lime, RoyalBlue, FarRed, Cyan, DeepRed, OrangeRed, PC amber, Produce, Mint
Port diameter 0 mm
Replaceable optic Yes, No
Dimmable Yes, No
Cooling Active, Pasive
Changeable output parameter Voltage, Current, No, Power
Remote Controll Not included, but possible, Audio, RF, IR, Bluetooth, WiFi, Not available
Programmable Yes, No
Light source HALOGEN, HID, Incandescent bulb, Circular compact bulb, LED, Compact bulb
IP degree IP54, IP20, IP58, IP67, IP10, IP66, IP44, IP42, IP68, IP60, IP57, IP55, IP65
IN/OUT terminals Terminal block, Cable In / OUT, Soldering pads, Connector
Electrical protection External NTC thermistor, Polarity protection, Inrush current protection, Over temperature protection, ESD protection <2KV, Short circuit protection, Over Voltage protection, OverPower protection
Enviroment temperature 0 °C
Including Light source Yes, No
Suitable for exterior and moist areas No, Possible with alternation, Yes

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