Our MASTER-4SAUNA is the only 12VDC LED strip, as it is meant for finish saunas. Yes, finish saunas, where temperatures over 100°C are common. And Yes, still with 5-years warranty.
This extraordinary LED strip was developed to perform well and in long term under very high temperatures of  90°C (or 120°C for short term) Small colour shift, with constant current drivers on board ensures, that the LED will never be powered with higher current as it was set to, thus protecting all LEDs in whatever conditions they are working. Normally, LEDs while working in hot enviroment and their avalanche VA-characteristics willl cause the LEDs to destruct itself, normally there is no kind of protection. Our special LEDs suitable for hot semiconductor PN-juncton operation and CC drivers with NTC thermal protection will limit and protect the LEDs even far behind standard situation, thus protecting and spanning the life of LEDs even  in such harsh enviroment such as finish dry sauna.
This LED strip as the only is to be powered from 12VDC power supply (however if you like, you can power it up from 24VDC, if not used in hot conditions) thus this LED strip is suitable for automotive / tunning lighting (standard LED strips might be burnt while 12V car altenrator can produce during the ride on motorway voltage over 15V, which will kill most standard LED strips) .MASTER-4SAUNA can be used even for 24VDC truck lighting with no problems - it has constant current drivers, so there is no worry about its life, even it is not very wise (the LED strip will have double its nominal power, resulting in more "heat excess from constant current drivers....which is just "energy efficiency question" )

Professional LED strip for Super HOT conditions such as dry sauna, 12VDC, 4000K

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Professionall LED strip MASTER targeted to use in dry SAUNAS and very hot places, 12VDC for safe voltage. Integrated constant current drivers ensures stability and long lifetime of LEDs even at high temperatures upto 90°C and stil with 5-years warranty. Great elektro-mechanicall details will ease installation and. Per meter : 60xLED, 4.4W, 12VDC, 4000K neutral whi...

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MASTER4Sauna LED strip CRI 90+ 4000K

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