Middle-powered LED strip are intended for decorative / highlightiing lines, where is no reason to use superior power, but rather pleasant density, and Lm flux is prefered, such as hallways, pathways, staircases,etc.
This design comes out of  market well-known products and has many compatible parameters : segment length 100mm, but thanks to 7 LED design used in most our designs is converting 17% more energy to light. Integrated constant current drivers ensures, that every single LED will be 100% bright, no more, no less anywhere on LED strips. Small FCB width of 10mm is promising very nice installation lengths together with ability to install it into thin ALU profiles. This product doesnt require any cooling with ALU profiles (offcourse you will prolong its lifetime, even it is not required to meet the standard 5-years warranty)

LED pás s prúd. drivermi,9.2W/m,24VDC,70xLED/m,2700K,CRItyp85,del.100mm,10mm,IP20

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