Very, very high power LED strips MASTER-SUPERPOWER will surprise you at all details! El. power is fairly high, in combination with High Lm efficacy leads to enormous Light output, yet the heat excess is very small - fairly small ALU profile is suitable to cool down this monster. Integrated constant current drivers with NTC thermall coeficient additionally protects the LEDs from overheating (LED strip even without any cooling element will never exceed its maximum set temperature of  55°C ( when left on table.) High LED pitch density, and small segment length packed with thousands of  lumens per meter will surprise you. The heat protection works nicely for LED linear lighting manuafcaturers, so they dont have to worry about the LED life or housing temperature. Great for producers. 

Very high power MASTER LED strips with massive light output, 24VDC.Neutral White CCT 4000K

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LED strips MASTER with Constant current drivers are High quality LED strips suitable for 24VDC constant voltage systems. High CRI and great optical parameters, with superior thermal management ensures long lasting Lumen output. Be aware, this product does deliver vast amount of luminous flux thus is very important not to point in the eyes. Always use aluminium pr...

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  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010120-SSC
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Profesionálny LED pás MASTER s so super vysokým sveteľným výkonom SUPERPOWER a s integrovanými prúdovými drivermi zaručujúce až 5 rokov záruku a vynikajúcimi svetelno-technickými vlastnosťami. Vysoký svetelný výkon pre tie najnáročnejšie aplikácie. 126x LED , 27W, 24VDC, 4000K neutrálna biela


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