Digitally programmable LED strips used in entertainment industry and sculpture lighting such as : facade lighting, discotheque, cassinos, video effect walls or various 3D sculpture lighting and chandeliers.
To make its use clear, we split the solutions into 2 groups : 5VDC systems : each LED is individually addressable (lifetime and brightnes is moderate, max. allowed length of LED strip is short, suitable for smaller and dense LED lighting where no great efficacy and stability is required, and high pixel density is prefered.On the oposite side there is 24VDC system : with dedicated external CC IC, LEDs usad are chosen very carefully to reach superior stability over 70 000Hours, etc. Thanks to this great lifetime, they are very suitable for facade lighting. Because of its 24VDC, the installation lengths are much longer which is very usefull at large scale installation. 1 addressable pixel = segment, which is very good when viewing distance is not very close, resulting in more efficient address/Pixel usage when installation is large.Great advantage on this 24VDC system is complex controll over each parameter of all spectral and electrical paramaters, such as CCT, CRI, Lm flux, BIN, etc. Apart that this kind of  24VDC LED strips is reaching better efficiency compared to 5VDC, it is also possible to boost its power to 200% only by programming commands. Did not found what you are looking for? We develop custom products, please enquire.


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