Very, very dense LED strip HD-POWER is beeing developed for power furniture and Luminaire lighting, where close distance of diffuser in ALU profile creates visibility of LED pixels. With this LED strip you will no longer see any pixels or hot spots! The density of  LEDs (224pcs/m) from 2m distance seems uniform even with no diffuser (so you will get 50% more light on target). We mentioned POWER furniture lighting, as its super small segment length of 31.25mm with ability to shorten the last seggment to even smalle rpart makes this LED strip perfectly to fit your desired LED lines to pitch-perfect. Someone might thing , this high power, in small ALU profile, recessed in furtniture will lead to overheating and lifetime problems-well normally you could be right, but not with our MASTER-HD-POWER LED strips, which combine superior High Lm efficacy and constant current drivers to thermally protect the LED strips from overheating, thus the LED strips will never reach higher temparature than 45°C even when left with no ALU profiles on the table. LEDs are slightly (1.5mm) shifted to the side from axis, to create a non-symetric "wallwasher" distribution even when symetrical linear optics are used with the ALU profiles - lighting up the walls of entrance halls, coridors, etc was never easier (Light will graze nicely along the wall) 

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MASTER High Desnity POWER LED strip 4000K CRI 90+

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-014037-SSC
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