Special UV-light emitting LED strips called often a black light too (as humans do not see it much). Commonly used in entertainment industry (disco, showcases, party) but is largely used in reptile and bird lighting , which do see and require the UVA/UVB spectrum to be in their artifical light source used for their metabolic and mating requirements, without which their quality of life will be limited. UV Light is know to affect microorganism too, it is widely used to kill viruses and bacteries as it penetrates tehir DNA chains and stops them from reproducing (know as germicidal lighting for water, air or surfaces). Be carefull, Correct positioning and values is required to be measured with profesional. Do not use any kind of covers (plastic, glass, etc) in front of UV LEDs....UV light doesnt pass through most materials, use only special UV-translucent and approved materials with it.

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