Very very thin version of LED strips MASTER suitable for glass edge lighting or "laser like lines lighting"is named SUPERNARROW. High uniformity thanks to 154pcs LED/m, super small width, and fantastic segment length of  45.45mm (with option to shorten the last segment to 26mm) makes this LED strip ideal for all kinds of space tight lighting situations. Nice uniform light output with 5-years warranty makes this product ideal for all professionals.
Colour options  from 2200K upto 5700K (1800K upon request) will provide LED lighting compatible in whole installation with any other MASTER product in other design or power.

SUPERNARROW LED strip forprofessional EDGE lighting, 24VDC, 154x LED/m, 4000K

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010228-OS
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MASTER LED pás s integr. CC drivermi, 24VDC, 7xLED sekcia, 5.3W 6mm FCB, 4000K

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010228-SSC
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