CCT Adjustable LED strips MASTER are HIGH end solution for every luxurious interior, where moodlighting and high performance task lighting is needed to be selected within single place.Colder spectrum boost your cortizol hormone in your body, which boosts your productivity and focus on tasks, even if everybody are allready asleep. On the opposite, warm colour enlighted interior lighting boosts production of melatonine hormone in your body, which purpose is to prepare your body for long and quality sleep. With the use of CCT controller you can get 24hour automaticall cycle rhytm, known as circadian rhytm.
As the LED strip contains 2 independent channels one with cold white other with warm white, you can even without any dimming controller get 3 different shades of white colour only with switching these colours Warm white 2700K, Neutrall White 4000K (if both channels are ON), Cold white 5700K. 
Specially patented solution CONSTALINE allows you to get any shade of white WITH CONSTANT POWER behaviour, no matter how many channels are switched ON even without controller. CV version is standard behaviour LED strips which multiply its power with each channel turned ON. So CONSTALINE patented solution will always perfrom on rated power no matter how many channels are ON, thus allowing you to use even primary colours on double the power than CV standard solution.
You can find more about this our unique patented product line in CONSTALINE RGB category.

MASTER BIO Constaline CCT adjustable DECOrative power LED strip

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