Are you bored of traditional primary colours on the market like red, blue and green, and you buy RGB LED strips to mix more "specific colours for your branding?
Now you do not need to. MASTER SuperColour LED strips offers 11 unique and precizely specified colours, so your branding will be easy. Incredibly saturated primary colours, with lovely shades starting from  447nm Royal Blue, through Blue, Cyan, Green, Mint, PC AMber, Red-Orange, Red, Deep red, Far red will deliver the always requiring wow-effect to your signage, facade lighting or simply your sculpture lighting.
High Gamut, saturated colours, great lifetime, with integrated constant current drivers powered from standard 24VDC Constant Voltage will always surprise
LEDs used are produced for much higher currents and power, thus their lifetime will be incredibly high, with super low light decay and heat production, lasting far behind our 70 00Hours commercial threshold.

MASTER Power Supercolor LED strip CRI 90+ Far Red

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