New generation of LED strips MASTER, named LONGRUN, is special series focused on very long installed lines powered from one cable feed in projects such as cassinos, commercial centres, hotels, facade lighting, etc. When powered from the middle only, it can be powered more than 140m of LED strip in total length without ANY additional cables, yet all LEDs on whole 140m line will be 100% identical bright. Unique efficiency allows these LED strips to reach same luminous flux and brightness as competetive products with 2-3x higher power. FCB copper traces are super thick to carry large current over large distance and thanks to constant current drivers it is possible to install this LED strips anywhere with no need for any kind of cooling (no ALU profiles, etc). LED strips can be installed directly on any flat and firm surface and with basically no need for any heat conductivity. 1Km of  LONGRUN LED line will be installed in similar time than 20m of standard LED strips. LED strip is delivered on single reel in length 50m as standard, to speed up installation time to almost nothing.

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LED pás LONGRUN s prúd. drivermi, 2,4W/m, 24VDC,4000K, 12mm, del. 100mm

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010308-SSC
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