BIOdynamic / CCT Adjustable lighting or Human Centric lighting are all names for lighting with ability to be changed its spectral properties from Cold white (sunrise) to Neutral (noon) to Warm White (Sunset). This kind of lighting is High-end solution for all luxurious villa, office, Hotel, or simply application, where one interior should be used in various moods : working/productivity mode and then during day it will be changed to "relax and mood lighting".
And what is happening with us during Day? is called Circadian Rhytm - in the morning the cold spectrum is causing our body produce Cortizol, a stress hormone, very usefull for productivity work. During day, this colour slightly changes, and our evolved during last thousand years to certain biorhytm, thats why at night when warm white colour is present (sunset, or fire/Incandescent) our body knows it will be sleeping soon, thats where Melatonine (sleeping hormone) comes to lay...It prepares our body for sleep, we start to have rest, yawn, etc. This rhytm is important to our body, constant exposure to cold spectrum all day long might lead to insomnia, and other disseases. Thats why using tis lighting is important and very usefull for example to Top managers who need to work long hours and be focused, and then get some rest. Using a PWM controllers of all kind you are free to dimma nd set scenes during day as you wish (or use Real time controller to set the brightness and spectrum based on real time/wather). If you are not fan of smart controllers, you can simply "turn this one product " in 3 different colours (because it has 2 independent channels) :  Warm white 2700K(WW channel ON-ideal for all private residence and wooden houses), Neutrall 4000K (both channels are ON-ideal for minimalistic white and office interiors) or cold white 5700K (CW channel ON-ideal for minimalistic white production interiors)

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