Our unique CONSTANTPOWER design is breakthrough High-end solution, which solves multiple issues and has great electrical-optical properties. Basically we have integrated best of all worlds : Constant current drivers are providing central power setting element disregard of how many channels will be powered on (power will be split accordingly) Only with this special design, you will never overpower and overheat the system. Standard products are always set to deliver certain power from each channel, For example "CCT adjustable LED strip 2x 9,6W will have at cold white 9.6W, on Warm white 9.6W, and if both channles will be turned on simultaneously, it will have 2x9.6W=19.2W....which might sometimes cause overheating of LED strips and shortening its life to several thousands hours, wires must be dimensioned to carry the total power, which might be not necessarily required.
Our solution CONSTANTPOWER on the other hand is different, 19.2W will always be 19.2W! : if powered only cold white=19.2W, Warm white =19.2W and if simultaneously Cold + Warm will be powered ON, the power will split 50/50, Cold =9.6W, Warm White 9.6W) . In such scenario, if your installation is OK with say 10W@Warm white, you can use lower powered product with 10W, and it will never be 2x10W.....thus protecting the system from overheating of ALU profiles and overcurrent on COM+ wires, etc....The main advantage we see in our CONSTANTPOWER design is in the "reverse logic" : If  19.2W/m product will be installed, you can use whole massive 19.2W power on any Colour you wish (Warm white or cold white) Another thing is that this design behaves as "constant light" solution, so there is no need for expensive mixing controllers with sensors to do this job.
However biggest impact this design has for RGB, RGBW or RGBA LED strips, where normally you have to use such power supply, ALU profiles, wiring, to withstand all channels to be ON, and then you will use say only Blue colour, which is 1/4 from total power....Not with us. If you install 10W/m LED strip in RGBW colour, all 10W can be used in Red, or in Green, or in Blue,..or in White...any other combination will only split the power evenly to other channels....10W/m is always 10W/m.

LED pás s prúd. drivermi,24VDC,5.3W,154xLED/m, del.45,45mm,12mm,RGB

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MASTERConstaline 84RGB LED strip Deco

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MASTERConstaline 28RGBW LED strip 4000K Deco+Deco

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