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MASTER SOLID module High Voltage 16x LED in series SUNLIKE 4000K CRI95+

  • Catalog number: POL-24M560M-HV-SUNW940
  • Amount in stock: 5 ks

22,94 EUR

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38,28 EUR

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MASTER SOLID module High Voltage 16x LED in series SUNLIKE 4000K CRI95+

  • Catalog number: POL-24M560M-HV-W940
  • Amount in stock: Last ks

8,61 EUR

7,18 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


LED pás CC drivers,HighDensity HE 16,8W,256LED, 24VDC,3000K,CRItyp 82,del.31.25mm,10mm

  • Catalog number: MAS-014056-BL
  • Amount in stock: 5,468 m


0 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


23,88 EUR

19,90 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)

MASTER4Sauna LED strip CRI 90+ 4000K

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010336-SSC
  • Amount in stock: 191,2 m

19,08 EUR

15,90 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)

Professional LED strip for Super HOT conditions such as dry sauna, 12VDC, 4000K

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010336-OS
  • Amount in stock: 73,2 m
Professionall LED strip MASTER targeted to use in dry SAUNAS and very hot places, 12VDC for safe voltage. Integrated constant current drivers ensures stability and long lifetime of LEDs even at high temperatures upto 90°C and stil with 5-years warranty. Great elektro-mechanicall details will ease installation and. Per meter : 60xLED, 4.4W, 12VDC, 4000K neutral whi...

17,88 EUR

14,90 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)

MASTER Super High Desnity DECO LED strip 4000K CRI 90+

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-014057-SSC
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0 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)

SUPERNARROW LED strip forprofessional EDGE lighting, 24VDC, 154x LED/m, 4000K

  • Catalog number: MAIN-MAS-010228-OS
  • Amount in stock: 286,0684 m

25,08 EUR

20,90 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)

2,39 EUR

1,99 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Káblová spojka vodotesná, tepelne zmršťovatelná, 22-18AWG

  • Catalog number: MAT-560225
  • Amount in stock: 174 ks

0,54 EUR

0,45 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


618,37 EUR

515,31 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Cín na spájkovanie SOLDER S-Sn60Pb40E-10-1 MTL401

  • Catalog number: MAT-900265
  • Amount in stock: 15 ks

1,82 EUR

1,52 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Cínová spájka, 99.3% 1kg, RoHS, bod tavenia 227°C

  • Catalog number: MAT-401256
  • Amount in stock: 3 ks

94,93 EUR

79,11 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


4,91 EUR

4,09 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Cínová spájka, 99.3% 500g, RoHS, bod tavenia 220°C

  • Catalog number: MAT-401214
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57,97 EUR

48,31 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Termometer DT8220, infračervený, tuźkový, LCD displej

  • Catalog number: MAT-950318
  • Amount in stock: Last ks

23,64 EUR

19,70 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Sťahovacia páska 2,5x120mm, čierna, polyamid

  • Catalog number: MAT-900286
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0,05 EUR

0,04 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


3,05 EUR

2,54 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


Spínaný laboratórny zdroj Manson, max36V, výstup 0-10A

  • Catalog number: MAT-900681
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707,28 EUR

589,40 EUR (Price, without VAT (sales tax):)


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