GROW is special Horticulture collection of special LEDs with enhanced active phosphor spectral properties, to grow plants.Constant current drivers on board protects the LEDs from overheating and overcurrent while their use will vary in different heat and humidity conditions. Powered from standard 24VDC, it is easy to dimm it by standard PWM driver, thus your lighting can be used during "work hours" on white spectrum, and in night a special "colourfull spectrum with active phosphor can be switched on "Ideal for banks, Hotels, Commercial centres, where standard white LED lighting does not provide necessary spectral properties needed for quality plant grow.
Horticulture or Lighting for quality grow lighting has never been easier and more sophisticated Very commonly used tare these LED strips to grow plants and corals in aquarium too.

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LED pás s prúd. drivermi GROW PURPLE,15,2W/m 24VDC,70xLED/m,del.100mm,10mm

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