High intensity light output LED illuminator in a cold white light and a 24VDC connection to power from 24VDC system

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High intensity light output LED illuminator in a cold white 5500K and a 24VDC connection

This miniature and yet powerful LED illuminator is intended for the powerful applications using optic fibre systems. Its high intensity of light output makes it ideal for use with sideglow applications and long distance endglow fibre system. Its active cooling system using the state-of-art ventilation system makes a minimum noise (16dB), which is great especially for low level applications such as private places. Device is regulated by a microcontroller that continuously detects its maximum allowance temperature (48°C). When reaching this borderline the device is automatically turned off and cooled down and repeatably turned on when safe. Thanks to this feature the overall lifespan reaches much longer operating hours than any other temperature non-controlled units. This does not mean that there is no need to prevent high surrounding temperatures at the installation point! Good ventilation system should be secured at all times and for all electrical devices!
Since the light output is so strong, the optical port and hence optic fibres have to be polished to the glass-like finish, otherwise you run a high risk of fibres being melt down and limiting the light emittance to a minimum. Never look into the LED illuminator directly nor point at any life objects whilst the device is in operation!
LED illuminator requires a stable 24VDC input for its proper cooling and protective electronics' functioning so always make sure that there is no other voltage input than 24VDC. For the dimming and controlling purposes based on 24V constant voltage power systems and 24VDC PWM systems there is a separate input on the device so you can easily control its individual channel/s dimming.

Property Value
IN/OUT terminals Connector
Suitable for exterior and moist areas No
Input voltage (Power supply) DC CV
Changeable output parameter No
Including Light source Yes
IP degree IP20
Cooling Active
Light source LED
Programmable No
Dimmable Yes
Replaceable optic No
Light type DW-Daylight White
Input Voltage (power supply) DC CV
Electrical protection External NTC thermistor, Polarity protection, Over temperature protection, ESD protection <2KV
Total el. power 30 W
Enviroment temperature 45 °C
Typical Power Voltage (Luminaire) 24 V
Typical Power Current (Luminaire) 1400 mA
Colour rendering index CRI 80
Port diameter 32 mm
Colour temperature (primary light source) 5500 K
Max. power Voltage 28 V
Remote Controll
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