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Property Value
Colour temperature (primary light source) 2700 K
Max. power Voltage 30 V
Nominal reference Lm output 45 Lm
nominal reference (test) current 20 mA
Colour rendering index CRI 80
Light type SWW-Super Warm white
LED package type 2835
Viewing angle 120 °
Changeable output parameter Current
Expected Lifetime 60000 Hod
LED chip manufacturer Samsung
Optic Symetric
Minimum Voltage 19 V
Electrical protection Polarity protection, ESD protection <2KV
Constant Current Drivers true
Typical Power Voltage (power supply) 24 V
Dimming method PWM
Enviroment temperature 40 °C
Max. power dissipation 1,3 W
Features Slide in cover, Snap In cover, Parallel wiring channel, Possible to incorporate driver, Inštalácia nalepením, Vodotesný profil, Strojové ohýbanie (dobrý smer), T tvar na zapustenie, FLEXI - vhodné na ručné ohýbanie, Dostupnosť mechanických úchytov
Current (BOOST) 43 mA
Luminoux Flux (BOOST) 90 Lm
El. power (BOOST) 1,03 W

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