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Property Value
Colour temperature (primary light source) 6000 K
Max. power Voltage 24 V
Total el. power 3 W
Type Recessed, Ceiling
Typical Power Voltage (power supply) 12 V
Enviroment temperature 45 °C
Max. Fibre optic length 2,3 m
No. of Fibre in total 270
Including Light source Yes
Suitable for installation Ceiling mounted
Mounting type Recessed
Fibre optic diameters mix true
Remote Controll Not available
Input Voltage (power supply) DC CV
Light type CW-Cold White
Dimmable No
Cooling Pasive
Light source LED
Efect Static
Fibre optic topology Single core
Fibre optic type Transparent, without protective sleeve
Fibre optic transmission type EndGlow fibre
Power supply Included 12
External power supply included Yes