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  • Catalog number: ALU-525551-6M
  • ALU-MULTI-2-6M
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    SK - Upto 24 hours

    EU - 3 days

    out of EU - 7 days

  • Amount in stock: 1734,45 m
  • Aproximate Net Weight : 0,1436 kg
  • Pieces in package: 6 m
Property Value
Surface colour Aluminium, Crystal, Black, Silver, Orange, Bronze, Yelllow-green, Red, Stainless steel, Brown, Grey, antique, Chrome Matt, Chrome Glossy, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Comined, antracitová
Surface material Other, ALU without anodization, Stainless steel 314L, Chrome, Glass, Stainless steel 304L, ALU anodized, Plast, Steel, Prášková farba, Hliník
Suitable for installation Wall mounted, Stairway ideal, Floor, Ceiling mounted, Wet and moist areas
Max. power dissipation 0 W
Features Slide in cover, Snap In cover, Parallel wiring channel, Possible to incorporate driver, NTC Thermal logic, Parallel wiring integrated, Boost Mode, IDC wire connection, Connector, Ready 2 optics, Self adhesive
Mounting type Recessed, Pendant, Surface

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