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Property Value
Constant Current Drivers false
Colour temperature (primary light source) 0 K
Input Voltage (power supply) AC, DC CV, DC CC
Luminous flux 0 Lm
Colour rendering index CRI 0
Light type NW-Neutral White, RGBA, Y, BIO, B, SWW-Super Warm white, DW-Daylight White, R, RGB, RGBW, A, CW-Cold White, WW-Warm White, SBW-Sky Blue White, G, UV, V, Grow, Purple, Lime, RoyalBlue, FarRed, Cyan, DeepRed, OrangeRed, PC amber, Produce, Mint
No. of LEDs/m 0
LED package type 5060, 3014, 3020, 5050, 2835, 5730, 3528, 5630, 3258, 3030
Viewing angle 0 °
IP degree IP54, IP20, IP58, IP67, IP10, IP66, IP44, IP42, IP68, IP60, IP57, IP55, IP65
Current per 1 LED 0 mA
PCB width 0 mm
Cuttability 0 mm
Total el. power 0 W
Typical Power Voltage (power supply) 0 V
Max. current allowed 0 ma
Dimming method Analog, Phase-cut, PWM, Digital
LED axial distance 0 mm
Max. Length when feed from 1 side 0 m
Enviroment temperature 0 °C

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