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Property Value
Constant Current Drivers false
Colour temperature (primary light source) 0 K
Luminous flux 0 Lm
Colour rendering index CRI 0
Light type NW-Neutral White, RGBA, Y, BIO, B, SWW-Super Warm white, DW-Daylight White, R, RGB, RGBW, A, CW-Cold White, WW-Warm White, SBW-Sky Blue White, G, UV, V, Grow, Purple, Lime, RoyalBlue, FarRed, Cyan, DeepRed, OrangeRed, PC amber, Full spectrum, Mint, Aquarium, SunLike
No. of LEDs/m 0
LED package type 5060, 3014, 3020, 5050, 2835, 5730, 3528, 5630, 3030
Viewing angle 0 °
IP degree IP54, IP20, IP58, IP67, IP10, IP66, IP44, IP42, IP68, IP60, IP57, IP55, IP65, IP30, IP00, IP40
Current per 1 LED 0 mA
PCB width 0 mm
Cuttability 0 mm
Max. current allowed 0 ma
Dimming method Analog, Phase-cut, PWM, Digital
LED axial distance 0 mm
Max. Length when feed from 1 side 0 m
Max. power Voltage 0 V
Output Voltage 0 V
Input Voltage (power supply) AC, DC CV, DC CC
Output current 0 mA
Efficiency 0 %
No. of output channels 0
Changeable output parameter Voltage, Current, No, Power
Dimming system 0-10V, Bluetooth, SWITCH-DIMM, Metal touch, LED SYNC, 1-10V, Triakové stmievanie, DMX, Touch senzor, RF, DALI, Magnetic senzor, IR, PUSH-DIMM, PIR, KNX, SPI single wire, fixed address, SPI single wire, auto address, SPI double wire, fixed address, SPI double wire, auto address
Remote Controll Not included, but possible, Audio, RF, IR, Bluetooth, WiFi, Not available
Programmable Yes, No
Certificates UL, CE, CB, SELV, F, MM, Zhaga compliant, Rozšírená záruka, Vysoko-teplotné testy, Testy slaného prostredia, Testy UV žiarenia
PWM nie, 15bit, 8bit, 16bit, 10bit
Case Enclosed, DIN, Metal case, PCB Open Frame
Memory No, Yes
IN/OUT terminals Terminal block, Cable In / OUT, Soldering pads, Connector
Minimum Voltage 0 V
Electrical protection External NTC thermistor, Polarity protection, Inrush current protection, Over temperature protection, ESD protection <2KV, Short circuit protection, Over Voltage protection, OverPower protection
Total el. power 0 W
Typical Power Voltage (power supply) 0 V
Enviroment temperature 0 °C
Dimming curve Linear, Custom, Logarithmic
Power factor 0
Features Slide in cover, Snap In cover, Parallel wiring channel, Possible to incorporate driver, Inštalácia nalepením, Vodotesný profil, Strojové ohýbanie (dobrý smer), T tvar na zapustenie, FLEXI - vhodné na ručné ohýbanie, Dostupnosť mechanických úchytov

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