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Property Value
Colour temperature (primary light source) 0 K
Max. power Voltage 0 V
Input Voltage (power supply) AC, DC CV, DC CC
Luminous flux 0 Lm
Colour rendering index CRI 0
Light type NW-Neutral White, RGBA, Y, BIO, B, SWW-Super Warm white, DW-Daylight White, R, RGB, RGBW, A, CW-Cold White, WW-Warm White, SBW-Sky Blue White, G, UV, V, Grow, Purple, Lime, RoyalBlue, FarRed, Cyan, DeepRed, OrangeRed, PC amber, Full spectrum, Mint, Aquarium, SunLike
Surface colour Aluminium, Crystal, Black, Silver, Orange, Bronze, Yelllow-green, Red, Stainless steel, Brown, Grey, antique, Chrome Matt, Chrome Glossy, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Comined, antracitová, transparentná, opálová, zlatá, lesklý chróm
Viewing angle 0 °
Replaceable optic Yes, No
Dimmable Yes, No
Certificates UL, CE, CB, SELV, F, MM, Zhaga compliant, Rozšírená záruka, Vysoko-teplotné testy, Testy slaného prostredia, Testy UV žiarenia
Type Spot, Rotational, In ground, Facade, Recessed, Ceiling, Wall type, Fix, Reflector, Tiltable, Surface, Výklopné, Pendant
Light distribution Type (diffuser) Wallwasher-Optic, Opal, Clear, Frost, Optic-CLEAR, Asymetric, Optic-FROST, Mikroprizmatický
IP degree IP54, IP20, IP58, IP67, IP10, IP66, IP44, IP42, IP68, IP60, IP57, IP55, IP65, IP30, IP00, IP40
IN/OUT terminals Terminal block, Cable In / OUT, Soldering pads, Connector
Optic typology other, Colimator, Reflector, Lens
Expected Lifetime 0 Hod
Surface material Other, ALU without anodization, Stainless steel 314L, Chrome, Glass, Stainless steel 304L, ALU anodized, Plast, Steel, Prášková farba, Hliník, Kov, Nerez, Crismosil, ALU extrud
Optic Asymetric, Symetric
Typical Power Voltage (power supply) 0 V
Dimming method Analog, Phase-cut, PWM, Digital
Enviroment temperature 0 °C
Power supply Included 24, cc1000, 12, cc700, cc500, cc, cc350, cc280
Power factor 0
Light efficacy 0 lm/w
External power supply included No, Yes
Mounting depth 0
Suitable for exterior and moist areas No, Possible with alternation, Yes
Tilt false
Features Slide in cover, Snap In cover, Parallel wiring channel, Possible to incorporate driver, Inštalácia nalepením, Vodotesný profil, Strojové ohýbanie (dobrý smer), T tvar na zapustenie, FLEXI - vhodné na ručné ohýbanie, Dostupnosť mechanických úchytov

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