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Property Value
Colour temperature (primary light source) 0 K
Input Voltage (power supply) AC, DC CV, DC CC
Port diameter 0 mm
Remote Controll Not included, but possible, Audio, RF, IR, Bluetooth, WiFi, Not available
Optical atuenation 0 dB/Km
Category of solution PROFI, Hi-Tech, STANDARD, ECO, MASTER
Fibre optic finish Twisted Fibre, Fibre with steel wire inside, Fibre with el. wire inside, Without surface protection, Trblietavé, Omrznuté
Max. Fibre optic length 0 m
No. of Fibre in total 0
Core crossection 0
Active diameter of 1 fibre 0 mm
Port Active surface area for fibres 0 mm2
Fibre optic topology Multi core
Fibre optic type Plastic, including protective sleeve
Fibre optic transmission type EndGlow fibre
Outer sleeve Yes- black sleeve